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The Hidden Land is an incredible, magic place where children have a perfect occasion for having fun and acting out the role of Wizards. It is also a perfect occasion for having fun together and to learn. When visiting our attraction children develop their imagination, acquire the skill of exploration and learn to solve problems.

In The Hidden Land live many incredible living creatures, among others, enchanted and people-friendly miniature white rabbits "The lambs", swimming prehistoric axolotls - water dragons, golden fish, giant snails Achatina or leopard geckos. Thanks to combination of fun with learning, our place to a great extent has also an educational aspect as the combination of great fun and living, interesting biology lesson.


You can buy tickets in the ticket booth of the Hidden Land at 18E Obrońców Westerplatte Street in Kołobrzeg (200 metres away from the Lighthouse). For organised groups (minimum 15 persons up to the age of 15) we have prepared tickets at an attractive price of PLN 15/person. 1 caretaker per 15 children free of charge.

In order to book the tickets for organised groups contact us by phone or e-mail at an earlier time. The Hidden Land (Polish name: Ukryta Kraina, phone: +48 501 530 212 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We also invite You to use the promotional package of three attractions!

at 18E Obrońców Westerplatte St. in Kołobrzeg
6D Museum - Maszoperia
at 15 Rodziewiczówny (the Centre Kielczanka) in Kołobrzeg - PROMENADE.
more info:
The Mouse City
at 2 Morska St. (Passenger Port, 100 metres away from the Hidden Land) in Kołobrzeg
more info:

SPECIAL PACKAGE FOR ORGANISED GROUPS: The best three attractions at lower price!

Entry to The Hidden Land + The Mouse City + 6D Museum MASZOPERIA = PLN 35/person.

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