What is the hidden land?

Czym jest ukryta kraina?

Imagine You have a magic wand with which You will open a secret passage to The Hidden Land - a secret place, full of enchanted animals, magic and fun.

The Hidden Land is an unusual attraction for children and their parents, located in the vicinity of Passenger Port in Kołobrzeg, where in the area of over 400 sq. metres there is a world full of magic. Thanks to a magic wand which You will get, You will be able to animate this world and get to know closer the creatures living there.

In our Land, among others, lives Mr Squirrel, a giant 5-metre crocodile Zębuś (The Little Tooth), various fairies, gnomes and dwarfs. In The Hidden Land round every corner You can experience an adventure with a magic wand in Your hand.

Attractions of The Hidden Land

Magic wand

It's got incredible power. Thanks to it You will be able to enchant various creatures in the Hidden Land and interact with them. It can change the colour of clouds, open secret passages and doors. The wand will help You find the way when You get lost during the walking tour around nooks and crannies of The Hidden Land. Thanks to the magic wand and the charm "Hocus-pocus Abracadabra" You will become Wizards and You will acquire the power of real Magicians!

Interactive creatures

The Hidden Land is inhabited by many strange and funny creatures. Among others, here lives Mr Squirrel who loves peanut butter, on the other hand Ms Mouse will invite You to a cup of tea and The Wild Little Monkey will play tricks on You. Here there are also dwarfs, fairies and a huge 5-metre crocodile Zębuś (The Little Tooth) with an aching tooth. Thanks to the magic wand that You have You will be able to animate them all and get to know closer.

Living animals

Our land is also inhabited by many unusual living creatures, among others, enchanted and people-friendly miniature white rabbits "The lambs", prehistoric axolotls - water dragons, golden fish, giant snails Achatina or leopard geckos. Visit the Hidden Land and get to know the creatures living there treating the visit as a great fun and at the same time as a living, interesting biology lesson.

The enchanted world

In the area of over 400 sq. metres was created the magic world full of adventures and surprises for the entire family. The fun consist in visiting the enchanted world of the Hidden Land with a wand in the hand and getting to know its inhabitants. You will see numerous nooks, secret passages or incredible paths with many surprises. Are You ready to discover the enchanted world?

Having fun together

Discovering the Hidden Land together with your child is a perfect occasion for having fun together and learning. We encourage parents to act as guides during the trip through our enchanted world and to encourage a child to explore, to explain and pay attention to details.


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The Hidden Land is an incredible, magic place where children have a perfect occasion for having fun and acting out the role of Wizards. It is also a perfect occasion for having fun together and to learn. When visiting our attraction children develop their imagination, acquire the skill of exploration and learn to solve problems.

Where can You find us?

The Hidden Land is located 10 metres from the stairs and the main street leading to the port, namely Towarowa Street.

Ukryta Kraina jak dojechać?

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